Ar+ || coming to android in february?

In December, Google said that they would release ARCore 1.0 in the coming months, they have had some time to work on it now and it should quite soon be ready for release.

About AR+
AR+ is an upgrade of the original AR in Pokémon GO which makes catching Pokémon much more realistic.

They now know that you are there, and if you walk too fast against it it will flee.
You now have to find the Pokémon in grass.

Conclusion: AR+ is a great addition to Pokémon GO, but they could have waited until ARCore 1.0 comes out so Android could have gotten it the same time as iOS.

I’m sorry but AR and AR+ are gimmicks, nothing more. It’s the same with VR-gaming and 4D movietheaters, it’s a gimmick some people will sometime use. The idea of cathcing pokemon like this is maybe fun once or twice but then it is over. It’s nice addition at best, but PoGo is a grind game and AR+ doesn’t fit grinding.

That said, i do agree Niantic should have waited to release AR+ on more devices. I also understand why they didn’t. They had a partnership with the Iphone buddies so they had to. I don’t really expect any news on ARCore any time soon tbh though, and surely not next month already.

Why should they hold off a feature until Android gets it too?