App Failure (Graphics) after throwing balls to mons

Anyone experiences this recently where you are on the way of catching Pokemon, successfully thrown a ball or more then the visual of the monster disappear, with only the ball remaining and either still active (it still responds to your touch like spinning animation when you try it) or inactive (meaning no pokeball animation when your touch and drag its icon).

The game remains on the catching window with the RUN icon on the top left, so either you stop the app or click the RUN icon and goes back to the MAP mode.

This happens to me recently with two encounter with a shiny kabuto and cubone. Since I had already targeted the mons, I knew they were shiny so I would not leave the instance and probably lost the shiny mons. So instead I still try to drag and throw balls although visually, there is no happening on the app.

But still, no choice for me but to leave that instance and either RUN or CLOSE the APP. Luckily, I still manage to see those two shinies in my inventory after RUNning or CLOSing so catch is successful.

Yes. The majority of the time that happens, I catch the monster though.

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So is it a FREE catch then? like a price for the app failure? :grin:

Because it is frustrating that after seeing a shiny one, targeted it, then you fire and then BOOOMMM! Instant Mayhem! Good if it will always end with a catch, or else some one might throw their phone in frustration :joy: :rofl:

Yes, I have had that happen mostly the last Community Day; I have an android phone.

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Yeah its a free catch

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