Aoe moves in description Snorlax?

In the description on this site of Snorlax, there is talk about earthquake being an AOE move? I have never heard talk in PoGo about AOE moves. Is this just blatantly wrong or have I missed something?

I haven’t heard of an AOE in Pokemon Go before, that could just be me though.

AoE stands for Attack on everyone. And yes, yes it is. Just not here. Thank god, raiding buddies would hate you.

It’s for multi battles. Quake, magnitude, and a few other things hit ALL other targets except the user. Cool for taking down multi does. Bad for turfing your ally. But use a flyer and your gold.

This is all GB Pokémon stuff though.

AoE actually mean Area of Effect, it’s a general term for any attack that hits more than one target within an area.

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Your right. I made up the acronym fill in a long time ago. Found out what it meant still call it “attack on everyone”. It’s just so…direct.

But again, he’s right.

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