Anyone want a Blastoise?

Hey, folks! I’m new to the forum and I’ve got a research task that requires for me to complete one trade.

Problem is, I don’t know anyone personally that plays Pokémon Go anymore and no one in my area really seems to want to trade. I’ve got a **Lapras, Blastoise and a Farfetch’d, ** among a few others available to trade (though no shinies I’m willing to trade, just yet)

I’m in the Ely, Cambridgeshire area (in England) and my trainer code is 6265 5251 5682.

I don’t think you’ll succeed in trying here, but good luck.

Yeah, I didn’t think so either… Thanks though! :tropical_fish:

If you ever come to The Hague, I’ll be there lol

I don’t think I’ll be traveling up there soon, but it sounds like a nice place :grinning:

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