Anyone stopped by police while playing?

For me it happened twice :joy:
Once I was in my car (parked) at 2 AM taking down a gym, and the other one I was with some friends in an isolated park. Really funny when they think you’re up to something bad and you’re just trying to find a shiny magikarp :joy:


IVe never been stopped or anything but I have gotten some weird looks sitting in my car my police that drive around! Like dude, I’m just trying to take down this gym leave me alone :joy:

I’ve not been stopped thankfully but I’m always careful anyway, mainly just I play in parks

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5 times once I was waiting for my son to get done baseball practice at a church ’ just drove up to top of hill where the Pokémon stop was and the church called the police on me I was catching ratt and pigey next thing I know flood lights were in my face he was nice when I told him the situation and said u can stay , the other times were all in Calvert county md parked at gyms I think they know Pokémon stops and gyms are there they just don’t liked parked cars with people in them !

Was at the local park when the game first came out and and if you sat in the right spot you could get 4 pokestops at once so I drove my car onto the grass section of the park and parked completely unaware of all the signs saying you are prohibited to drive beyond this point, 10 mins later a undercover cop pulls up and asks what I’m doing and I was honest and said playing Pokémon, he told me I wasn’t allowed to bring my car past that point, thinking it was just a warning I drove off, one week later a fine was in the mail for $110 dollars … and all I could think was I could have bought so many things in the poke shop for that :confused:

I once was at a museum that had quite a few pokestops around (outside) the building.It was 8 'o clock in the morning and I started the walk with a lure. After trying to catch what spawned a police car stops near me and rolls down his window.

“Is this your lure?” he asks me. “What team are you on?”

Summer was great, everybody was playing.


I was once driving over the speed limit and I was passing by 3 Pokestops so I slowed down so I can spin them, 300m after that police stopped me.

So… Pokemons saved me :slight_smile:


I would have Police encounters at least 2-3 times a month. My record is 3 times in 15mins by 3 different patrols and I hadn’t moved in that time.
I should mention I’m a shift worker that plays after I finish work anywhere from 1-4am. I’ve been pulled over when driving as well as checked on while parked sitting in the car.
In one of the well known playing areas we just hold up the phone showing the screen on Pokemon, they wave and drive on :grinning:.

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Slightly different story: I was walking to school, and then an Onix spawned on the other side of the road. Desperate to get it (for the Pokedex) I sprinted across the British equivalent of a freeway and the Police nearly hit me.


Me and my brother were stopped by poLice after driving around the car park of a small park very veryyy slowly (we were trying to hit different pokestops). We must’ve looked dodgy after he came up to the window and said we weren’t doing anything while trying not to laugh. He breath tested me and commented he wished he could drug test me :joy:

Last month i was at the park with some friends hunting down a Zapdos. By the time we finished the police arrived and asked for our IDs, saying that we were suspected of passing drugs and stuff like that. We were just in a circle taking down a zapdos!! Nevermind, it ended up with me losing that zapdos( which was 97% IV by the way) and them leaving the park with no drugs. Shall I make a complainment for the zapdos i’ve lost???:joy:

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I have notbeen stoped my brother has been stoped 12-15 TIMES WE live in a small town so it looks odd to be walking around at night

We have a gym nearby that is a United States EPA office, whenever you try to raid or take down the gym there you are usually asked to leave unless one of the 6 or so players that work inside come out to join you!

Yeah, I was taking over a gym at the gas station (on foot) and a car pulled in next to me. I was ready to make a run cause I didn’t know who or what was coming out of the car. It was the police asking what I did there … off course I didn’t have my passport cause I wasn’t planning on walking so far and they got mad and said that they were gonna take me to the police station wich I replied ‘’okay I know it’s a Pokémon spawn there’’. They called my name through the walky talky thingies and I was free to go xD didn’t stop taking over the gym while they were standing next to me though. An hour later a friend of mine playing Pokémon had the same encounter with them :stuck_out_tongue:

not stopped by police, but we had 2 times so far while raiding with a large group when a police car pulled over and was wondering what we were doing. Both gyms were not at typical park places so a large group with cars parked rather abnormal was funny enough fo a question.
both times a simple reply ‘playing pokemon’ was enough for a smile and they moved on.

Not cops, but people. The other night, at midnight, I was trying to hit all the pokestops around our neighborhood, and this guys comes up to my window and asks me if I am following him. I guess when I was stopping my car by the pokestops to hit them, he was walking by them also and thought I was following him. Hahaha. He was so mad and wanted to call the cops. I kept telling him, “I am playing a game!” But I think he didn’t know anything about pokemon game, cause that didn’t help. Thankfully, he finally moved on. Now that I think about it, that was kinda scary. I am a 47 year old woman, and what if he tried something dangerous, so I decided, no more pokestop hitting late at night.

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