Anyone found these fitness trackers work with adventure sync?

I’m look at these trackers and wondered if anyone had any luck actually getting them to log steps with adventure sync. I have an Iphone or android system so either operating system is ok for me to use.

If you could tell me if these trackers worked for you and what OP you used:
TomTom Touch
Garmin Vivosmart 3 Smart
Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Xiaomi Mi Band 3

maybe there should be a poll on what fitness trackers have actually been found to work that isn’t expensive like the apple or google ones.

Thanks everyone!

  • Looking at a tracker that will accept the fitness tracker data through either google fit or iPhone heart and then be used by adventure sync. I have heard most get recorded as Manuel data and so wont be logged.
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I’m sorry. I just use the free Google Fit app.

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do you just use that on your phone? or you have a fitness tracker connected to it?

Just the app.

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