Anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed?

I’ve been silent about this for a long time. I have accepted every event, I have played and enjoyed every event, be it Community Day, raid days, Halloween, Christmas, Hatchathon, water festival, adventure week,… you name it.
I have actively searched for the rare quests (first/current Spinda, Nincada,…), I have hunted shinies, I have done trainer battles, I have done everything. Since the very fist day I played (which was in July 2016), and never took a break.

But this Feebas event somehow feels like a punch in the face. I don’t even know why. I know many will have way bigger problems with this event (need to work, too short time of advance notification, no stops,…).
But really? Clearing out my schedule for rushing around from stop to stop for 3 hours trying to complete as many research tasks as possible (probably even quite hard ones…) to maybe get a single shiny Feebas if I’m very very lucky?

And I can’t just “not play”, because I feel like the chance for a shiny Feebas will never come back…

Is this what some call “fear of missing out”? It almost feels like a PoGo-burnout to me…

Sorry for this, but I just had to let it out…


I understand what you’re saying they throw a lot at us one right after the other


Yeah kinda feel the same here.
Although I do like shiny Feebas!


Might very well be yes.

BUT, i think there is no need for that this time.
First of all, i feel like this is gonna be a bit like Community Days regarding shiny rate. So the chance of getting a shiny will be pretty high. If not, its gonna be a riot and i dont think Niantic wants that.

Second, Shiny Feebas doesnt go away when the 3 hours are over. Shinys that are released once, stay released. So even if you miss the event, you might catch it later.
They havent said anything about a special move or something. So you wont miss out on that.

If you dont feel like hunting after Feebas, simply dont. There will be another chance :wink:


Probably the quests are “Catch 3 pokemon” “Transfer 3 pokemon” “Power up a pokemon 3 times”. Things like this, pretty easy and to be made many times.

That’s why I just participate on an event when I feel like it. I hatched 2 eggs during the Hatchaton. And I also don’t have a Lick Gengar.

There will always be an event, and there will always be a Shiny you didn’t catch. I see you can be a hardcore player, but don’t stress about missing things because you always will…humans are not omnipresent (yet?)


Honestly I’m probably gonna spin 1 or 2 stops and call it a day

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Good point – notice how often the tasks on CD were to catch 3 of the feature Pokemon, which you’re trying to do already, and which are spawning everywhere you look. This sounds like they’re making a handful of different high-spawning critters and having their spawn points shift from stop to stop, where we’ll be rewarded for watching the ‘nearby’ and going where the critters are. (We’ve all probably seen some players gaming CD by locating a spot where the feature Pokemon is continually spawning, and parking their tails there for 3 hours without moving.)

It depends on how you feel about Shiny Pokemon. Me? I’m happy when I come across them, but I don’t feel stressed when I miss out of them–minus Community Day.


I’m happy when I come across shiny Pokémon, just like I caught my 2nd shiny Growlith at full odd today. But when I see shiny Drowzee, shiny Geodude, shiny Sandslash, shiny Shinx at gyms, I don’t feel very salty about the trainers although I don’t have any of them yet

If you feel too overwhelmed, just let it go smoothly, don’t force yourself to having it once it’s released in game.


This. Shiny Pokemon are mainly a luxury and don’t change anything. I have over 40+ Shiny Pokemon, and only three of them I’ve either leveled up or considered leveling up because they’re IV spreads were fantastic.


I guess they will higher shiny chance

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Uh, but after cd, you still can get the shiny, that’s the great thing, and Niantic is giving us some pretty good events


I am going to make sure I have three left over, and that will be my catch of the day, then grab a pokestop for the day.


you can always hatch a shiny feebas if it makes you feel any better. who knows, they might even add it to raids later on. you never know. I remember walking 200+ km with larvitar then Niantic just added tyranitar raids and they have been in the game for more than 2 years now and still won’t take them out…that’s Niantic for ya. so don’t worry


Thank you all, you made me feel a bit better :hugs:
And the fact that I got my wanted shinies on Totodile CD probably also helped with it :wink:

I know that shinies do not just vanish from the game after their events, but speaking personally, I have never gotten any CD shiny outside its CD… Full odds shinies are not really my thing :tired_face:


I’m glad you are feeling better. But remember, this is only a game.

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Why you people are so mad to get shiny pokemons? 99% of them are useless! Ok, they are rare…but I still don’t get it why everyone is so eager to get them?!

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Yes most shinies are waste of candy and dust. But we just like them because they are rare.

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I can only speak for myself, but I hunt shinies, because I’m a collector. My goal is to have 1 of every species and form. Gotta catch 'em all :wink: