Anybody got any legacy movesets?

for those who do not know, legacy moves are moves that you keep on your pokemon that are no longer available

I got dragonites with dragon breath. And rhydon’s with their legacy. Probably got others also.

I also have a Lapras with Ice Beam

my legacy movesets are as follows:

Dragon Tail Gyarados
Thunder Pikachu
Poison Jab Seaking
Water Gun Kingdra
Body Slam Snorlax

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just found out that Ice Shard on Lapras is legacy… :smiley:

My shitty IV Dragonite that I caught in the wild and spent a shit ton of candy and dust powering up because it was when the game first started and I didn’t know any better has Dragon breath. I still love using him in Gym Battles and I’ll never get rid of him.

Megahorn, right?


1 shadow claw Gengar
1 Blazikin with SE
1 ice beam Lapras

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Exeggutor with Confusion.