Any reason to keep excess Evolution Items?

I’ve evolved all the Pokémon that need special items such as metal coat and dragon scale. I have 5-7 extra of each of these. Do you think there will be any future use for them? Every time my backpack is full, I am annoyed they are taking up space.

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I will caveat this by saying I am not familiar with all future generations, so this is based only on my knowledge of the game as it currently stands. Hopefully someone more familiar with the milieu can answer your question definitively. Once you get over 8 or 9 of them, it might be safe to recycle them (with the exception of Dragon Scale in my opinion). Generally, the main version of the evolution is better than the one with the special item (so far), so there is that to consider as well.

Metal Coat for Steelix and Scizor. Then the Sun Stone for Sunkern if you tend to catch many like I do.

I go through Sun Stones pretty fast. I will keep those. Used quite a few King’s Crowns as well. Don’t need more than 2 upgrades though.

I keep 5-6 of each and bin the excess.
I wish they could be traded in game for dust or candy.

I saw something very interesting, someone suggested the ability to trade evolution items for coins on Twitter and Niantic said “Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll be sure to pass it along to the team.”


I don’t generally get many but my friend has around 30 evo items it’s insane to look at…

Do you think they’d do like 5 coins/evolution item? That’d be a very nice quality of life improvement.


The only special item I know that can be used in future generations is Sun Stone. So I’d keep that one for sure.

Good question. Like Cirthungolem said, sun stone is used in future generations. Also, you should keep them because you never know when you could crack right into a Onix nest, grab 100 onix, and have no metal coat to get a Steelix (they may also be great IV).

Hopefully the game will improve for all…