Any one help me?

Just logged in and this popped up. I know that I haven’t used anything like this. I don’t even know how to and I have to much fun playing with my wife. We go all over where we live at. What should I do about this?
Thank You

Ignore it. Just for now. It is extremely rare for a legit player to be permanently banned. If such an incident does occur however go to Niantic website and they will likely unban you.

OK ty. How long would it take for it to come off?

Dont ignore it. What kind of advice is that?

Either you are doing something that you shouldnt (spoofing or an IV checker that logs in on your account for example) or someone else is. So at the very least, if you are convinced you arent doing anything wrong, change your password. Obviously Niantic thinks youre doing a bad thing.


OK ty. Don’t do spoofing or IV. I changed my password. We do go to alot of places. Don’t know if they think we are doing that

Report a problem to Niantic (in setting)

Is you account one that you started yourself from the start or did you buy one off from one of those sites that sell them?
When you say go a lot of places, how far are you going and how (what mode of transport are you using) to get there?
I have herd of people flying to other countries or catching bullet trains that play Pokemon Go while waiting at the start terminals and playing soon after arriving at new destination get flagged like GPS cheats because of the catch/time/distance difference.

I know people that bought turn key L30 accounts that have had that message pop up. They also found a heap of their Pokemon with Red Lines struck through them at the same time that message appeared.

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Do you travel for work? I know that my g/f got a temporary soft ban because I logged in on another phone for her to do her daily spin/catch while she was on the other side of the country then she logged in within an hour (she didn’t realise I’d logged in for her previously) so it looked like she had spoofed to where she was.
Don’t ignore it though.

Yes I do travel alot for my work. I sent them a message. Haven’t heard from them yet.

Well if you let others log in to your account it may be a good idea to stop letting them log in for you.
Otherwise I’m not sure what is going on…