Another CP balance, please

Hi! New to GO Hub. Anyways, with the introduction of the 3rd gen Pokemon I was extremely excited to get Pokemon like Sceptile, Shiftry, etc. However, I was SUPER disappointed to find out that they are of course out CP’d by the eevee evolutions! It feels like the only way to do well in this game is to use the eevee lines and I hate it! Please, balance CPs our so I can actually use the Pokémon I want to use!

As I look throughout this platform, I’m seeing that apparently CP isn’t that important. Is this true? Please explain.

I think that the cp kinda lost its purpose when the gym rework came along. I get the feeling that IV’s and baste stats are more important to players.

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Gym rework? I know that they changed the layout but how else did they rework it?

You used to have to “prestige” gyms to add mons (up to 10) but you had to use mons that were no more than 1/2 the CP of the lowest CP mon defending the gym to boost the prestige up in order to create a new spot to put your mon in. Type advantage was a major factor in helping a 1,200CP Dewgong beat a 3,400CP Dragonite.
With the gym rework there is none of that, you can use your highest CP or heaviest hitting mons to beat the defenders down in 3 rounds if the 6 defenders have just been placed but you could use a pidgey to beat 6 that have been there for more than 9hrs & have dropped motivation.
CP doesn’t really even count in Raid battles if there are enough people attacking the same boss.
It does (as does type advantage) however comes in when you have the minimum number of people doing the battle.


Sceptile is frail but has far greater attack than Vap has, par example
Stats matter, CP is just to tell you how the Mon is approximetly strong

Same goes for raid bosses, their HP is always set by the tier and their attack and defense are just their base attack and defense +15 and then multiplied by a number based on the tier, I think

Is there a way you can see a mons atk stat? I don’t mean the 15, I mean their specific atk stat.

You can see their base attack on go hub database, par example
The exact is never seen