[Android] App to automatically boost your GO+

TLDR: I’ve developed an app which automatically sets the GO+ as a high priority bluetooth connection. It can be found and downloaded in the Google Play Store.

Greeting fellow trainers!

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Reddit about a tasker script which automates the process of setting the Go+ as a high priority bluetooth connection. So I’ve started to think it must be possible to build a native Android app around that process.

Long story short: I’ve developed an app which let’s you activate a background service on your android phone which listens for incoming Bluetooth connections. If it recognizes the Pokemon Go Plus (or the Go-Tcha) it will automatically set it on high priority and also show you a valued percentage of battery left. On top of that, the app will send you a notification when you loose the connection to the accessory.

I was thinking about building a companion app for Pokemon Go for a while now, so I think this is the perfect opportunity to get things started. Since the original launch of the app I’ve added a ton of features including a statistic feature, which let’s you keep track on what your Go Plus is doing (it counts Pokemon caught/fled, stops spun, items received,…).

For now though I really want to test all the current features of my app, which is why I’m reaching out to you here. With that in mind I encourage you all to give it a shot. Of course it’s completely free, so you have nothing to loose. If you experience any bugs in the current version of the app I ask you to forward them to me, so I can take care of them.

Also this is the first app I’m publishing on the Play Store so I ask you to bear with me if not everything is working right from the start.

As I’ve said I’m happy for every constructive feedback I can get, may it be positive or negative.

Thanks in advance for testing and have a happy day hunting :slight_smile:

Google Play: Go Companion