And we thought Niantic doesn't support spoofers

Well here is some proof

In our test Ingress was able to block almost all the spoofing attempts by hardcore Pogo spoofers by detecting that mock location is turned on,
Then my question is why not in Pogo??
Because stopping a chunk of spoofers will cost Niantic a lot of money and that’s the truth…
I leave the rest to you

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It’s well known at this point that Spoofers do one of two things: make up the majority of the player base or spend a lot of money. Personally, I think the first assumption is correct. Based on this, it’s clear that Niantic don’t have any real plans to remove Spoofing any time soon. Therefore we just all move forward, and ignore them. If they want to cheat and complete the Pokedex In 2 hours, that’s there decision. Let’s leave it there for now.


Well spoofers aren’t kids to not harm the legits
And it pains to see Niantic supporting them and lying to the community…

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How do spoofers harm legits again, they help me out with raids quite often when there arent enough people

Known to whom @JoshHack? You are assuming numbers or is this based on what evidence? I’m also not convinced that spoofers are paying customers. The point of spoofing for the longest time was to be able to get resources and Pokémon at will. The only thing in the games history spoofers would need to buy is raid passes, so maybe some are buying passes but not all. They didn’t need incubators because spoofers just jump to perfect Pokémon, didn’t need balls because they just spoof to someplace with tons of stops.

Where do you get the information?

This is all from my personal experience. They always organise massive raid/lure parties, which probably cost a lot.

Yeah there you go @Thorend
Guys wanna hear the Latest spicy news…

Spoofers n Rogue trainers tricking Niantic into giving free premium passes

First the spoofers n rogues buy a Premium Raid ticket then use it in a Raid,

After that they goto Niantic’s support page and complain that they used a premium raid pass and got errored out
For which they receive a free Raid Pass next confirmed by an email from Niantic support,
For some more spice they sometimes get more than one Premium raid passes at times 3 at once, and this has been discussed on underground Discord servers,this thing has been continuing for weeks and the same person from the same account gets free passes every week.

A friend of mine who spoofs got 3 Premium passes at once…
Niantic’s support for spoofers backfires on their business lol…

@JoshHack Dont they have a lot of accounts eh!! to organise a huge lure party

Most players have more than 1 account, it’s not a Spoofer-exclusive habit. @Thorend can we please close this thread? It’s not productive and will just start another massive debate.