An idea for a Shiny Potion

Hi, I was wanting to through an idea out there. I know that Niantec bases the game on a long standing set of rules that are Pokémon, but the idea comes from a long lasting frustration with random numbers and in particular a severe lack of decent Shiny Pokémon.

So what if we could make a shiny potion that could be used on a Pokemon of our choice?

My suggestion is that a script would ask if we wanted to make the potion/. That will be triggered by receiving a Vial from stops etc.

The ingredients would be on of each of a sun stone, King’s Rock, Metal Coat, Dragon Scale and Up-Grade together with 500 candy of the selected Pokémon and 100,000 star dust. Once combined you get a “Pokémon Type” Shiny potion that can be used on the Pokémon of your choice!

This would certainly assist with the random number dilemma that sees a lot of us not having great shinies despite being level 40 and very active for over a year.


Oops, throw not through… my bad

This would have to be extremely rare so maybe something like combining 10 of every non-paid item, as well as 100k stardust and 50 pokemon candy.

The idea itself - giving the player the possibility to turn a Pokémon of choice shiny - is worth thinking of.
I don’t think that it matches into the general shiny mechanics, but let’s ignore this for a moment…
The potion should be something rare, at least as rare at the evolution items. Maybe it should be exclusively available in special researches, or maybe a field research that is given out by every 20th stop on community day,…
500 candy and 100k stardust sounds a bit too easy (yes, sorry, I know many are constantly struggling for dust, but just consider that a trade for a Pokédex legendary costs 1 million for level 1 friends…)
I know many players who hoard candy of all evolution lines, and 500 candy can be made on a community day or within an event with a bit of effort.
But we could add another factor: walk the Pokémon as your buddy, maybe 20km or even 50km. Turning a Pokémon shiny should be something you really need to work for.


Personally, I don’t like the idea. Shinies are meant to be rare. And lots of Pokémon don’t have their shiny variant in the game yet.


Agreed with @Jormdeworm shinies in GO are released to promote events, this would let you bypass this


How many Pokémon have you caught given your level & when you first started playing?

it’s a no.
My start date is 16 August 2016. Where do I find the number of Mons caught?

Go to the ‘Collector’ badge.

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Do you like this idea?

Just under 50,000

I’m with @Jormdeworm

Well I like the idea but Im with @cup on this one :wink:

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Yup that makes 3 on the same team so we win


It was a competition? :sunglasses:

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It’s always a competition buddy

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Nice I like competions :facepunch::facepunch:

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@Pokemon @Cup what competition?

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Scroll above.

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