Ampharos Dragon Pulse Disappointment?

In my opinion, I do like Dragon Pulse on Ampharos.
It’s a trophy pokemon for me because I started playing Pokemon Go on June 1st 2017. I really wanted a Dragonite with Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse/ Dragon Claw, but then I found out that it was a Legacy moveset. It looked super cool for me. At least I got a chance to get an Ampharos with Dragon Pulse.

I see it as a trophy pokemon and that’s all. I got my shiny of each evolution with amphoros having Dragon pulse also a non shiny having it but I know there not going to get much use. I saved my last shiny to be evolved after the event and got enough candy to do another couple just because the move is so bad on amphoros.

I decided to get 2 Ampharos. One shiny with DP as a trophy, and a non shiny with better IVs and a better moveset for practicality.

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