Alolan vs Kanto

Which do you prefer?

I visually like the Alolan’s. Ninetales and Marowak look amazing.

Discussion on Alolans here.

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Alolan fore some kanto for others


Could of just edited your post bro, didn’t need to delete.

I like them visually alot alot. Their cp on marowak is weak af, but just it’s appearance alone is landing it in gyms for me.

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I could I forgot that



TBH, i never played this gen. BUT, wouldnt mind every pokemon to recieve an Alolan form.

I like all part from golem egecetur

idk how it’s part dragon. Disgrace.

I love Alolan exeggcutor, been saving my 100% exeggcute and fortunately the chance to evolve him properly came much sooner than expected! Alolan Muk is also my favorite poison type Pokémon so I’m super excited for him as well!

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Same. PoGo is the first Pokemon game I’ve ever played.

Same too young others

Visually I like the way sandslash, ninetails, exeggcutor, and marowak look. Typing wise I like ninetails, marowak and Raichu(raichu mostly just cuz I think psychic and electric typing is unique and cool)

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Pretty much agree with all this. I wish to see more old pokemon natured differently in other regions.


That would be awesome and a great way to implement more/different types for Eevee

  • Alolan
  • Kanto

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I like alolan because its awesome


I like how you already know what the Pokémon looks like, but the movesets and types can b quite different

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