Allow access to your google account or no log in

Hoping for some info. Have played for two years. Tried to log in April 7th (original account through the trainer website) and I was prompted to grant access to my google account. I declined so now my account is held hostage until Niantic gets access to my Google stuff??? Anyone else have this? Does Niantic not read the news (Facebook)?

What? So every time you try to log in, they ask you to log in with google as well?

Not log in. They ask for permission access to my account. Like when an App asks to access your photos, or your location. I read that one iOS update allowed them access to google accounts for people who log in with google and the access was too broad, but that Google was fixing it in 2016. But why should I have to give access to other accounts? Especially out of the blue? I sent in a complaint, but have heard nothing and still can’t play. Am trying to make sure it’s not a scam. If not I really object to this.

Hmmm… launch was July 6, 2016 so unless you were a Beta tester you can only have played for 1.75yrs approximately (but I get what you’re saying).
My start date was 31/07/16 & access to my google account has always been required as far as I can remember (albeit with limited permissions) so I’m not sure why it only now is asking you for permission unless you haven’t logged in for a long while.
Seems to me your potential options are;

  1. Allow access & continue your trainer journey;
  2. Start again with a new email address or a new Pokémon Trainer club ID (you will probably have to start from level 1 though);
  3. Not allow access & not play…
    Probably not much help but again I remember this always being a requirement & although I understand the privacy & security concerns, it is a game through which you allow Niantic to locate your exact coordinates & continued movement through your time logged in in order to progress… :slightly_smiling_face:
    Are the screens you’re referring to either of the below?

Apologies on duration of play inaccuracies, I can’t log on to see my start date! There are three different prompts with similar wording to the pic to the right, ie Pokemon Go wants to access your account and buttons for Accept or Decline.

I agree with my options, I am mad it has suddenly appeared. I gave info when I set up the trainer account. If they want access - then I want terms and conditions info at the very least, to see what I am giving away. Google has access to a great deal of info. I didn’t start playing Pokémon Go for a couple of months, precisely because of my discomfort of them tracking me. But as I started to use Google maps more and more, I decided to trade that info to play. I have also put some cash into the game. I understand nothing is free. I am very careful what services I use, what permissions I give etc. I am unhappy they have suddenly switched what they want in return for me to play. Plus they aren’t explaining exactly what they want to access or promising to update me if this changes. I am currently USA based and the laws about online are not as good as elsewhere.

I play a couple times a week and stay logged in. Did not log out.

I haven’t seen that, though I did link my PTC account to a google account (you can have multiple google accounts if you want, by the way. Just create a sub-account for Pokemon if you want.)
Reason why I decided to link my google account: it’s way more reliable for logging in. I’ve had several times that my PTC account was unable to connect, while the Google account I already had, had no problems whatsoever.
Also makes switching accounts much easier. It’s just a selection of options (if you hav emultiple google accounts available on your mobile) instead of typing out that bloody long password with too many caps, numbers and whatnot every time.

And I sincerely HATE that standard feature that hides the passwords I type behind dots. Most obsolete and purely symbolic “security” feature ever! Only makes it impossible to spot and correct a typo. And for Pokemon Go (at least android version), that means you’ll have to close the application before you try again, since it simply won’t accept the correct password anymore within the same session once you submitted a faulty one.So, I’m really glad I managed to link it to my google account.

I’ve always used my Google account to log in. Never used Trainer Club.

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