All known hidden mechanics and features? Let's discuss what we know

So this topic is designed to bait in knowledge and even discuss fun ideas for potential hidden mechs and easter eggs. Niantic listens really well so just discussing things can make them a reality if they jive well. An example of a hidden mechanic I just learned about is that certain Pokemon react differently to certain berries (if I had to guess I would say Pokemon have a fave berry flavor maybe based on IVs or egg group/body type or element type) Help me be the best, guys! Let’s discuss

We know there’s 2 hidden evolution items (Deepsea Tooth/Scale)
(It was in an official post, also confirming feebas would have to walk to evolve)

Word? So water biome on our 7 days

I just need to know what the mechanic is for potions. I miss having potions. I wish I could spin stops and get potions. Any info on this?

Since a few months, it’s become quite uncommon to get potions from pokestops. They can still give them, but it’s not as common as it used to be. The primary source for potions (and revives, for that matter) is gyms now, so remember to spin the disk at the top of every gym you see, whenever you can!

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Thank you for that info. Makes sense that gym stops have more frequent potions.