All generations shiny forms soon in PoGo?

Hi! I am doing a little theory. You know that Shuppet, Duskull, Sableye and their evolutions are in the game. They all are from generation 3. They are adding all Pokémon in shiny form. So, what if entire gen 3 would come? Would we see all Pokemon in their shiny form?

We don’t even have gen 1 and gen 2 shinies in game besides pikachu and magikarp. They will probably add the shiny variants but they won’t release them. Just like the rest.

According to my observation, Niantic only releases new shiny variants during events. It will take >10 years to release full set of shiny Pokemon if they gradually release them.

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I wish they would add more…would keep the game more interesting during long stretches without much new content. There are so many Pokémon that are completely useless to the current meta.

Let’s compare two Pokémon that are basically useless in the current meta and how we look at them. Look at pikachu and slugma. Both have an evolution at 50 candies and both are useless as gym attackers/defenders/raiders. They are also both pretty difficult to catch compared to a lot of non evolved Pokémon. If I see a slugma, I walk on by…it’s not worth the time, resources and possible frustration of catching it. If I see a pikachu, I always click on it just due to the fact I want the shiny variant (still don’t have one).

Now imagine if all the Pokémon were that way. You would click on almost everything just because you want the shiny.


Are shiny magikarps still out? Also, when you encounter a shiny duskull does it appear normal and then once caught appear shiny or is shiny from the start on the map? I don’t remember how the magikarp worked since it’s been a while since I’ve had any other shiny encounters.

All Shiny look normal when first encountered in the wild and on maps. They only reveal they are Shiny once selected for capture and you go to the catch screen.

Shiny appear as Shiny in your Journal when caught. Not sure if they appear as Shiny if Ran Away. I very rarely check my Journal to see what ran on the Go Plus.


Yes, they used them for events when they lack of content. I am sure they release Duskull a bit later because they see less interest than expected in the Halloween event. I cannot see other reasons for that late release.

I hope when 3Gen update comes they find proper ways of keeping players and “shiny lure” becomes a past trick.

I would like to see shinies but i would prefer trading and pvp.Niantic is not listening us so…No shinies no trading no pvp.Great theory:slight_smile: