All Eggs are Hatching as 2km Eggs

All of my 5km and 10km eggs animate the hatch with the 5km and 10km color but then the Pokemon is a more common one from the 2km eggs, and when I click into the Pokemon’s info it indicates it was hatched from a green 2km egg. Has anyone else had this issue?

If I’m right, everybody has that.

The common pokemon bit seems odd. Do you know which pokemon they were?
In the screen, only 2km eggs show as way of capture. This is due to the fact that 2km eggs use the old egg texture from July 2016

all Pokemon hatched from eggs have the 2k egg by the info at the bottom of the screen, near the location and date

Are you saying you are getting 2k egg pokemon hatching from 5 and 10k eggs?

If it’s to do with the egg info on the Pokemon screen, they all show a green egg. Obviously my Beldum was hatched from a 10km egg, but shows the green egg for info.

Which of the 2km Pokemon did you get?

Yep, only pokemon caught in wild (including mystery pokemon) and raid boss catches show the correct pokeball used. Based on what OP wrote, it sounds like what we are saying–i.e. a 5K/10K egg hatched and, when looking at pokemon, OP noticed the 2K egg at bottom. Probably started checking rest of dex and saw the 2K eggs.

Ok since this has been worked out
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