Age restriction

Hi guys! Do you know anything about this? My kids are 14 and went to Amstelveen, The Netherlands with their dad for the unowns and kangaskhan, and while there, they see a lot less gyms and pokestops than their dad. I know there’s an age restriction of 13 for sponsored pokestops, but my kids are 14 already. Have you heard anything about this? They are really disappointed.

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Maybe the age restriction varies by country? The requirement may be higher than 14 there. You should probably check Niantic Support about it.

I thought about that too, but here in The Netherlands we’re actually less difficult in these restrictions than in the US.

Well, it’s weeks later now, I’ve tried contacting Niantic Support about it, of course only received the automated message that they’d received my message and never heard anything about it again. The issue still exists, resulting in two disappointed kids who couldn’t see a lot of stops and good pokemon while attending the Pokemon World Championships in Anaheim. I really think Niantic should do more about their customer service!

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Yes, that’s been one of Niantic’s biggest problems since launch-lack of customer service and communication. I understand that they are a relatively small company, but with most other games, you’ll get personalized responses a lot of the time from the developers.