After taking over a gym, I am immediately kicked out

After battling a gym, and winning, I place my pokemon in the gym and almost immediately it gets kicked out and the gym goes back to grey. This has happened in at least 5 different gyms around town and has also recently happened to 2 of my nephews. I have gone to remote gyms when there is no one around and it still happens. My pokemon immediately loses power and gets kicked out (earning no coins!). This has only started happening the last couple of weeks. Not sure what is going on…

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Spoofers maybe people who live in the houses

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Did they get battled first, or were they knocked out directly?

Did it lose its motivation in 3 steps, or in 1 step?
Like, from 3000 to 0 I mean.

I’m not sure of the steps but the gym indicated it was being battled (lightening bolts around it) almost immediately. They gym is still grey. There were no houses or people nearby. I even started feeding it berries and it still got kicked out (all within about 60 seconds of taking over the gym).

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Must be spoofers then.
Did you get the message “ … needs a treat”?

Looking at my journal, there is a message on the last 2 gyms I tried this morning that said they needed a treat, but they were kicked out immediately after the message (one was the same time as the message and one was a minute after the message).

Can you post the names of the account? Perhaps everyone can help report them as spoofers

Impossible to know if the Gym’s still empty.

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They gyms were grey so I assumed they were empty.

Yeah, they are

So just another annoying spoofer targetting you specifically
If it really happens everytime, it must be a sort of a bot (unless it always happens in a certain time, like around 7PM when you go to take some gym)
Do you have a community? Inform them, ask if they get kicked as well, and try to build as strong gyms as possible
Sadly, I dont think there’s much you can do, and since he doesnt take the gyms, he isnt there for gold badges either, do you know somebody who might be the cause of that personally?

I have just had it I do the gym ten mins later it’s battled I go there and do it again and turn around then look back at my phone and find it’s been beaten again but I think it I should not a bot because it is going down again but I am out berrying them

My guess is the spoofer doesn’t know about the 20 gym cap - the maximum gym count a player csn have.

And some people wonder why there’s so much hatred for Spoofers?

  1. It’s either someone you know that wants to make the game difficult for you.
  2. They are not dropping in straight away so you cant take their trainer name to report them.
  3. They are just being a complete a-hole
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I think it’s #3. I’m not a hard core user and I don’t think I’ve battled enough to piss anyone off. I have been checking back to see who gets back in the gym later on and am maybe seeing a pattern. Too early to tell at this point.

LOL so funny!

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