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Thanks for posting this I’m going to switch out to Rayquaza now

Sadly, I have nothing else to really walk as most of my Pokemon have more than enough Candy to level up, or have already leveled up. I’m walking my hundo Huntail due to having nothing else significant enough to walk, and I get more than enough Rare Candy to make up any void. Right now, that Rare Candy is going towards Registeel. Yeah, that’s how much Rare Candy I’ve been getting.


How about Lugia, Ho-oh, Azelf, Heatran?

Going with Garchomp

Regi…Steel? :thinking:

Lugia: Already done.
Ho-Oh: Already done.
Azelf: Don’t have a good enough one to level up.
Heatran: Already done.

Registeel is LITERALLY the only other choice I had.

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But you also dont have a good Registeel

I have a 96% Registeel. Before that, I gave my Rare Candy to my Gible to evolve and get the entries because I had nothing else to give it to.

All of my Legendaries except Azelf have enough candy to either level up, or already have leveled up and have enough to get a second Charge Move.

I guess my “it sucks because its registeel, not because of its IVs” joke was too subtle

No, I got it. I just found it irrelevant.

Thought you actually wanted to max it out first

The Registeel is pretty dang far down the list for level up priorities, and honestly likely won’t until Fairy-type Legendaries come in Raids. The only reason I’m giving it Rare Candy now is that there is no other Legendary I have that could really benefit from the Rare Candy.

There’s Azelf, but that’s a 91% so it’s below my threshold to level it up anyway, and then there’s Cresselia, which I’m catching fairly regularly right now, so no need to waste Candy on it for the moment. Once Registeel gets 248 Candy, I’ll have to find another Pokemon to give Rare Candy to because I can’t hold that much in my storage space.

There is my hundo Huntail, but with Adventure Week, I’m sure Candy won’t be an issue.

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I would kill for that Azelf, weve only got useless Mesprit and nothing more

I hear you. Hopefully sometime soon they will rotate just to make it easier on us. I did get an offer for a Shiny I have and I get a Mesprit. I’m less caring about getting good ones on those until Raids actually happen.

Back to the original question, my buddy will be my hundo Huntail unless I get really fortunate with these fossil hatches or Raids.

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I sure know what I will keep lol

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That’s a great choice, and I recommended a lot of my Discord buddies that still need to get Garchomp to do the same.

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The only Mon I will max more than one of from this point on
Excluding a good 100IV Legendary, shiny Kyogre and shiny Metagross

I walked my hundo Huntail for Adventure week. I went from 45 Candies to 232. Only need 36 more to be able to level it up when it happens. Pretty dang far down the priority list though.

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