Adventure Week Extension

I saw somewhere that adventure week would be extended as the app was broken (adventure sync). Is this extension still happening, do we know?


Not advanture week. Just the part where you get rewards if you walk 50km.

Tweet from Niantic


Thanks @Robdebobrob! Reading the replies, the rewards are the same for this week too, even if we have already earned them from the first week? 50,000 stardust, 15 rare candies, 1/4 for buddy candy?

Is that how you understand it too?


People enjoy Niantics openness for as long as it lasts. It is kind of rare that they admit a global mess-up like this. (same with CD mess, although it took them very long and ‚Äúsome‚ÄĚ insults to come to their senses‚Ķ)

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Just 50.000 stardust and 15 rare candys. The 1/4 buddy candy is part of the Adventure week event.


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