Adventure sync - Rewards

Wow, my screen was filled with rewards.

It just went LIVE.




5k rewarded me 20x Pokeballs (regular)

Damn, you walked 172km! That’s dedication.


Been hatching eggs like crazy. For another Riolu/Lucario


its out for all?

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Interesting to see the rewards arent the same for everyone. I got 20 pokeballs, 10 great balls and 1 rare candy for my 5km reward.

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What I received is the same as @Robdebobrob


10,000 dust is insane!

Like this if you agree


What do you mean about 10,000 dust gained?

I have received 5-10-20 balls and 2000 Dust for 117,6 km, so once over the 50 km the reward doesn’t change

funny. I received 20-10 balls and 5k dust for 32km and have seen people with over 50km getting 10k dust.
I figured it would be same for all, but there are some differences apperantly.

I updated my app but I still can’t find it. I’m on iOS.

50km gets more items… but is that what you mean?

no, my first thought was that every benchmark got the same rewards, until i heared some other things here.

The newpost on the main hub already proved that. You can actually get 10k eggs from the last reward!

Yeah… better make sure to have no free egg spaces to get the stardust instead :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll take the 10k egg and a bit of the dust that comes with it when hatched :smile:

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I for one am so thrilled about Adventure Sync! Recently I got over a cold and am getting back into playing after basically slacking off with it and everything else for a week. Woo-hoo! A bit ago I hatched a 2k egg and found a candy just by doing a little house and yard work. I don’t often sit down, this is going to be great!! And either way, the Stardust is a big incentive. :upside_down_face:


As long as you carry your phone, Adventure Sync is activated without opening GO.

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Did you connect to google fit?

I’m at 40km for the week. When does it reset?

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