Adjustments to moves and movesets

A breakdown of the upcoming changes to Raid Battles and movepools.

In short, Raid Bosses will have a buff in HP during the battle, making them harder to take down. This means that Palkia is no longer duo-able with optimal counters, friendships and weather. This could also mean that Deoxys-Attack is no longer solo-able. Please plan accordingly.

Mainly, what will be changing is move power for some of the moves. Some will be adjusted only slightly, but Shadow Claw will be a boost, which is a boon to those Legacy Move Gengar.

Ice Beam has been boosted in raw power from 65 to 90, which makes it stronger than Blizzard and on par with Avalanche. It also states that Flamethrower and Thunderbolt will be rebalanced for standardization purposes. That means Flamethrower will be boosted from 70 to 90, and Thunderbolt will be boosted from 80 to 90, if what they mean is accurate.

Also, the movepools for many Pokemon have been changed. Many of them seem quite off the cuff, but I found some useful ones:

Kabutops can learn Waterfall, finally giving it a pure Water-type moveset
Aerodactyl will be learning Rock Slide, making it even better.
Donphan can learn Mud-Slap, giving it a pure Ground-type moveset
Ho-Oh can potentially learn Hidden Power, which means if you’re lucky, you can get either a Fire or Flying Hidden Power, which would finally give it a pure moveset. Sadly, it could also mean that you could get a more rotten move
Roserade will be learning Grass Knot, which will capitalize its speed to help attack more often than Solar Beam can grant
Honchkrow will learn Sky Attack, which will give it a major boost as a Flying-type attacker

It seems the majority listed are to act as Dragon-type counters. It’s possible due to Gen 5 being so Dragon-type heavy that they decided to do this to prepare, also to help against Palkia.


Ice Beam, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt are boosted, does it mean those Mewtwo will become stronger? How would they rank among those respective types given Mewtwo has no STAB?

Roserade will be learning Grass Knot, will it be better than FP Venusaur, DPS-wise?

Honchkrow will learn Sky Attack, will it be the next best Flying-type attacker trailing Rayquaza, Lugia and Moltres ?


It still is, but only in Windy weather with a best friend.

Also still soloable, but obviously harder so lower levels should bring a friend. (higher levels to but thats just for the extra balls)

Deoxys no longer soloable? Challenge accepted

Not sure about Mewtwo
Yup, Roserade is essentially a Venusaur with great attack now
Honcho should beat Moltres if Im not mistaken

Just got Flying Hidden Power on my shiny Ho-oh. Not exactly what I desired, but even with it, I don’t think he’ll be a nice Fire/Flying attacker. Should wait a review on him.

Roserade, Houdoom, Honch and Donphan are the nicest surprises.

Ho-oh is niche
Brave Bird is a terrible move, but if you really like Ho-oh (or want a diverse team and dont need too much DPS) it will work
Its quad resistance to Bug and Grass helps with that

I had a guy fight me on PvP 8 times in a row until he figured out which monsters to beat me with. But I am nice. I don’t switch up so if you beat me, you beat me.

There are some Pokemon in the future that will wilt against Flying-types, but yeah, here’s hoping they will give it Sky Attack in the future.

The addition of new moves makes me wonder: what portion are better than the moves that were already possible? The use of TMs to actually improve a mon’s moveset becomes less likely with every weaker move added.

From what ive heared is that the only ones actually interesting were Rampardos (wich is new altogether) as rock attacker and Roserade as grass attacker.
Thats focussing on raids though. For PVP: No idea.

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PvP didnt really see any changes
Snorlax might actually threaten the mighty Giratina now, but I havent seen the calcs and Tina might as well be better anyways