Adding new feature: limitations on evolution (based on 'New type of evolution ')

Some Pokemon can only be evolve when it meets the exclusive requirements. For example, only female Snorunt can evolve into Froslass.

The limitations can be in terms of gender, location, time etc.

I’d like to see how these limitations affect the game.


Some of these limitations do affect the game. For instance, evolving Eevee to either Umbreon or Espeon. As for gender Wurmple from gen 3 will have a different evolution depending on gender.

I know you can force evee to evolve by renaming, is there a way you can force tyrogue to evolve into its two other evolutions beside hitmonlee?

No, you can’t force Tyrogue to evolve into a certain one…If the Tyrogues’s best stat is attack, it goes into Hitmonlee, if it’s best stat is defence, then it goes into Hitmonchan, if it’s HP, it goes into Hitmontop

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Do you know originally Eevee can only evolve into Umbreon in night time and Espeon in daytime?

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No i didn’t, does that still hold true?

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Yes it’s true. Not only Espeon and Umbreon, Cherubi from gen 4 can also evolve into Cherrim in sunshine form by sunny day.

What if its 15/15/15 tyrogue? How will that work?


It can evolve into any one of the 3. You have a 33.3% chance of getting the one you want.

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Seems like you all are going to be off topic.

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Examples of Pokemon evolution which are restricted:
Espeon and Umbreon (time)
Vespiquen (gender)
Froslass (gender)
Gallade (gender)
Mamoswine (moveset)
Probopass (location)
*Goodra (weather)
*Sylveon (moveset)émon_that_evolve_by_friendship (Happiness)émon_that_evolve_with_certain_moves (Moveset)émon_that_evolve_based_on_time (Time)émon_that_evolve_based_on_gender (Gender)émon_that_evolve_through_trading (Trading)émon_that_evolve_by_training_in_a_certain_location (location)

Could these limitations be implemented into Pokemon GO?
Time (✓)
Gender (✓)
Location (?)
Moveset (✓)
Trading (?)
Happiness (✓)
Game (x)

Special cases: Feebas, Nincada, Pancham, Incay
You may refer to ‘New types of evolution’

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Which limitations/types of evolution do you want to be implemented first?

  • Time
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Moveset
  • Trading
  • Friendship

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