Acquiring Special Items

I have a few Pokémon that require special items and I’m struggling to find them, or at least the correct ones.

In my inventory I have the following
3x Kings rock
2x Metal coat
2x Dragon scale
2x Up-grade

I’m after the item that looks like a shuttlecock, can anyone shed any light on where/how I can get this?

Thanks :call_me_hand:t3:


The Sinnoh stone can be obtained from the research breaktrough, once a day a chance to get it from team leader pvp and three times a day the chance to get it from pvp versus players


Thanks for sheding some light on this @Brobraam, really appreciate that.

Team Leader PVP - Is that the battle/training bit found from the pokeball menu, then swiping right?
PVP Versus Players - Is that battling other players?

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There´s other way to get them: the 7 days (weekly) research.
Brobraam told you the rules for the PvP way to get them (in a week you should get 1 to 2 only from the team leader daily battle), on the weekly it´s just luck.
And, there are other ways to get the Sinnoh Stone, this ones are MASSIVE LUCK: On gyms (gold) spins or on the 7 day in a row pokestop spin. Same of the evolution items, you can get a Sinnoh stone. But it´s very very rare to get them on this 2 ways.

So if I make sure I battle a team leader every day I should get some?

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You have a chance of getting one. Not guaranteed, but the odds Should be at least 1 in 8


Is the that number chance per the Math?
If it is, my luck sux massive.
Speaking from my own experience in only being able to do the 1 Trainer Battle a day its been 1 stone per roughly 21days.

It’s the same in the dice… You have a chance to gtet a 6 as 1 in 6. But that not means after 6 throws you have to have a 6. After thousands of throws the chance to get all six numbers is equal, but before…


And if we take it to very large sample sets (like millions or billions of throws) we’re likely to observe periods of streakiness, even long ones. (Math gurus have equations for calculating how probable it is for particular patterns of streaks to occur within random sequences, and a RNG will come with a margin of error for how uneven, streaky, or ‘lumpy’ the generated sequence can get before it’s unacceptable.)

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The chance is (1-(odds in numbers like 1/450))^(number of tries)*100%

So to roll 20d6 and not to roll a 6 is 2,6%


Hey, exactly that’s it. So we can’t know if in the next 400 captures of a single Pokémon will be a Shiny, only it’s very probable.


We can aggregate statistics, but can’t use those aggregations for predictions. In a random sequence of captures the probability of a shiny each capture will be the same, no matter how the preceding captures have turned out.

In other words, there is no validity to the concept that a person is ‘due’ for a shiny if it’s been a long time since the last shiny. (I remember that rule clearly from my probability & statistics course in college, athough I couldn’t clearly explain then why that is the case, and I certainly can’t explain it any better now, 36 years later…)

About 6d6 and not rolling a 6, that has a 33,5% of happening. Test if we can get this by demonstration that that is possible:
@discobot roll 6d6

@discobot roll 6d6

:game_die: 6, 4, 6, 3, 4, 1

Ok not exactly, but this has demonstrated that in 6 rolls, it isn’t guaranteed to roll 6 different numbers. There’s no 5 or 2 here lol