Abra March Community Day

Any strong feelings about the Pokémon? Speculations about what “exclusive move” evolving into Alakazam will get? They wouldn’t just bring back Psychic, would they?

I was always expecting it to be a CDay Pokémon one day (3 stage evo, shiny not out officially), but for some stupid reason I only recently evolved my hundo purified one…:woman_facepalming:

I’m looking forward to it, I like Abra. But I really hope they change the flee rate for CDay like they did with distance for Rhyhorn.
Not sure about the move though… They might try to just add some strange move and claim it to be good for PvP…
I’m also looking forward to see what the special research will bring, it’s very likely I will be buying it.

Lots of Abra will run away that day,

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Yeah, that 13K stardust is mighty tempting… (For years I’ve desperately wanted to buy stardust in the store. But I worry that the price will go way up soon after this becomes a normal feature of the game.)

I don’t consider this “buying stardust”. I just love doing special research, I’d do this without the stardust, too. I’m sure they will give us more yummy things as rewards, not only the Poffin, incense and stardust… Maybe an Alakazam encounter…or a guaranteed shiny Abra… :thinking::thinking:

Just use Elite TM if the move gets good

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This. Except if we really only get 1 per season, its probably a waste to do this on an alakazam.

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All fine, but a lower Flee Rate is really needed. It’ll be a hard Community Day otherwise.

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Not at all, Abra has a high catchrate and CD Mons have it boosted even further

You’d pay cash for a special research? Something we’ve been getting without extra charge for a year and a half now?

I can’t blame Niantic for trying to monetize every corner of the game to establish a sustainable variety of revenue streams. Even if I can resent it somewhat, I can’t really blame them. It sort of goes with the territory.

I mean, we’ve never had an extra questline to go along the CD

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After further consideration I’ve got to note that you have a point on this. The dollar makes no assurance that you’ll get the stardust. If you don’t complete the special research within the time allotted, I guess you’ll get 0 stardust.

Since my schedule keeps me from beginning until just a half hour is left, I need to find out beforehand what the time constraints are on the research and what the tasks will be, so I can make a reasoned guess about whether there’s any chance that I can do it in time.

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For every CD that comes up, I say in advance that I’m going to take part. Honestly though? I haven’t actively participated in one since last September. :thinking:

Should we though?

Like what @vorgriff3 said, it’s always more convenient for players to find out more details about the special research, also if the special research could be finished within the CD hours, we should not worry about completing it afterward

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I actually don’t have much Abra candy, so I am fine with this. Good way to kill 3 hours at work.