About Arceus in gen 4

This post is about how Arceus should be obtained.

First you should get the creation trio.
Some gyms have a special altar for Arceus
Bring the creation trio to the altar, then you should get a special "holy stone"
Collect 10 holy Stones by bringing the creation trio to Arceus altars.
Then go to the Arceus altar wherr you collected Your First holy stone, then leave 10 holy Stones there and a wild Arceus (level 10)
Will apear With 5% base catch rate.

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Disagreed, I think he should just be a raid boss
But probably an entierly different tier, with 20k (?) HP or more, so that you need top-leveled players to take him down

This is mythical pokemon, so i think it will be optainable like other mythical when mythical mons will get realese

What about this

You get the Creation Trio.
And then a golden staircase appears in front of you, and you click on it and it asks you to teleport to heaven, then you need to get a group to fight it down, then he runs down the stairs and you chase it. And when he stops. You click it and then you get to catch it at 5k+CP and 1% Catch rate.

That Will be to hard and to overpowered
(I think)

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Arceus will most likely be an EX-Raid, similar to Mewtwo.

No it is mytchical like mew
Mythical pokemon dont like to battle amd I dont think they Will be in raids

I feel like Arceus should be wild, but twice as rare as Unown (before all the Unown events when they spawned everywhere)

I honestly hope that arceus will set you some challenges to see if you are worthy of its capture. For example hatch 400 eggs, walk 1000km and then spin 100 pokestops. There should in my opinion be too small a time limit on this, if one at all. However I think that arceus will hopefully be available in a way that solo players or players in small groups can obtain (I.e not raids or e.x raids).

Stupidly hard
Being an EX Raid (imo these should only be for mythicals and on events, not for a goddamn Mewtwo) and having insane stats (so that lots of players are needed) would be ideal imo
If you would somehow stay a solo player on those huge events, you probably wouldnt deserve the mythical anyways

That would be not fun for Areas With les players. Just agree With mapman42 and then instead of 1000km 100km

They would only be in events, how are events ‚Äúareas with less players‚ÄĚ

I think Arceus will be the dreaded EX raid.

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I agree. Unless a new legendary option is added arceus will almost certainly be an EX raid.

Arceus is no legendary like mewtwo hes a mythical like celebi and they dont like to battle so as Everyone says hes less likeley to appear in (EX) raids

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As evident by Darkrai, Victini, Arceus and such that DO battle you before you can catch them

Thats true…
Then I think the best is that there are Arceus tempels With 1 hour a day(randomly) a Arceus battle With 10000cp and catch level 10 (only of u have creation trio)

People can solo Flareon, who is much stronger than 10,000 cp. Maybe arceus can be like 18k cp

Thats a good idea! Cause it haa to be hard

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It has to be challenging enough for city players. But I feel like not too challenging for rural players. Making it rarer is a problem too. City players have a good chance of finding it but in rural area with limited time we may never see one. Making it 18k cp is fine, but in cities this could easily be beaten whereas in rural areas it could be impossible.