Abomasnow power up

Hey guys, question. Which XL abomasnow should I power up for the Ultra League:
A normal Abkmasnow ranked 21 or a Shadow Abomasnow ranked 503?
Shadow is ranked higher but I’m uncertain if the difference in IVs make the normal one ‘better’.
I hope you guys can help me out!

Nearly imposible to answer…
An Abomasnow ranked 21?? ranked in what?
Another shadow ranked 503??

No idea where you take your “rankings”

@Necrozmadabest knows more about this than I do. Maybe he can be of some help to you

XL Abomasnow appear to be ranked about the same on PvPoke

I don’t think it would make much of a difference,I guess I would go with the regular
@bagguille “rankings”, can mean two things: What’s in my screenshot, which is the overall ranking of the Pokémon based on how many match-ups does it win in the selected league, or what Flipjaa probably meant in the first part of their comment, the individual ranking of the IV spread based on its stat product (the most optimal way to hit the 1500/2500CP barriers to entry)


Thanks, at least now I have an “idea” about what he was talking, but clearly you know better :clap: :clap:


Sorry what I meant was how ‘good’ it’s pvp IVs are. So say 0/15/15 is nr 1 then my normal abomasnow is ranked 21 and the shadow one is ranked 503.

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Yeah, but then you’ve said that Shadow is ranked higher than the normal one (not your specific IVs, clearly, as that’s 21. vs 503.), so I assumed that you meant the overall viability of Abomasnow vs Shadow Abomasnow in UL, or did you mean something different altogether?

Yeah I meant that shadow abomasnow in the premier cup is ranked nr1 on pvpoke and the normal one is 9th so I guess my question is would the shadow one still be better even though it has worse IVs? Or is the normal one better