Abomasnow adding to Group

Dumb question but, using Pokie Genie to tell me which pokemon to use in 3-star raids, and saving groups for each of the 5…

Pokie Genie recommends my Abomasnow, but even though not in a gym, it won’t add to saved groups, doesn’t even show up in the list.

What’s happening?

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It’s probably because it’s a new pokemon.

Worked today… I think maybe was a lag issue. Knocked out of a gym, but didn’t show needing revived at all. Weird but this morning he popped up as needing revived and now works… last night showed full health and not in a gym.

Had a few hiccups like that.

Twice I had Pokemon drop in CP after being evolved. Had an Evee for example, went from 750ish down to 450 after evolution. Niece had that once as well.

Also twice, I click on a Pokemon, catch it, and when the screen pops up for candy, it’s a totally different Pokemon. 2 community days ago I had that with a Wailmer… not often I see them, caught it, and ended up getting a Hoppip. Very annoying.

Fun game but glitchy at times. Few lag issues and once in a while stops/gyms won’t spin and I have to force close and clear cache.

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I clicked the heart for your comment, not because I like the glitches you described, but because I’ve run across a couple of those recently, too.

When you see the pokemon change like that, check your trainer’s journal. Sometimes you’ll see it logged that you caught the first, and then that you hatched the second, but it went straight from the catch animation of the first to the captured screen for the second (without showing the captured screen for the first and the hatch animation for the second)

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