Abilities! how will they work?

any thoughts? or what about weather in battle?how will that work?

They probably won’t be added at all

that would stink. real bad.

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I agree with Alex9945. I couldn’t see them ever adding abilities, unless the battle system got a MAJOR rework where they introduced a turn-based system.

I don’t see why a « major rework » would be needed to implement abilities.
As for the attacking moves, all abilities won’t be in the game. So nothing prevents damaging abilities to be implemented.
The damage calculation part of the pokémon games from the main series is a very simple piece of code, where you just multiply/divide/add/substract values to the base damage. I don’t know how pokemon go is coded, but there no reasons for the damage calculation part to be any different.
For exemple, the abilities technician could boost weaker moves the same way the weather does it.
By the way, someone asked if weather in battle would be implemented. But it’s done, at least partly.