A Wild Mew Appears?

So, many of us have completed the special research quest and obtained Mew. Does this mean that those who have completed the quest can now begin to catch Mew in the wild?

If so then there’s a few follow up questions:

-Does Mew work with a similar mechanic to Ditto, hiding as other Pokemon?

-Similarly to step 8 of the special research quest, can you only catch Mew if you’re using AR mode when catching mon

Appretiate all answers.

Thanks everyone

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Your quest gives you a single encounter with one Mew. That’s all you can get unfortunately.


You know, my AR wouldn’t work, and I got Mew from a normal catch.

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I’m not that far in the game jet. Does AR give you something extra or make it easier?

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No, if it works you can make nice fotos with real background and the monsters in front. Once you’ve learned to throw the normal way, you will feel strange to try it this way.

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If the Pokémon doesn’t move it ain’t that hard with AR on. Small ring or moving Pokémon are a lot harder.

I like mew why. Mew should be a good pokemon not a gift and yes it should look like a stick. his famous thanksgiving. Niantic gives us now or we will not have the right attitude with you. It’s a good idea. You’ve done well you are a good person on this idea.