A Suggestion for Pokemon Go Storage

I will like to give a suggestion for Pokemon Go Storage…Since day one till now, there are lots of old and new pokemon been capture everyday…Scrolling to look for certain pokemon can be quite annoying as certain time it lags due to overheating of the phone…I am thinking…is it possible for the player to purchase an “Archive” storage bag, so we can transfer those older pokemon into archive…In this way it will solve the lagging issue…


although lag isn’t my problem when going through the storage, i do hate IV-checking when all my pokemon scroll by that i know i’ll keep/already have checked. Even filtering by recent only solves that partially.

I like the idea for a second storage place to keep my keepers. Really like that.

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A second storage place would be vaguely doable with 2 accounts

What I meant was, there will be an option to purchase an additional storage which can be use as “archive” so we can allocate those older pokemon into it…Not everyone has the luxury to upgrade their phone to keep up with the game…

Isn’t designating “keeper” the intention of the “favorite” tag?

Not that I think the “favorite” tag is sufficient for sorting my bag. I use it to flag my over-90-IV mons, and I could still use another field to tag favorites among those. It’s becoming necessary to encode info into pokemon name (like IV and moveset quality from calcy) like “Gyarados93AA-”, to avoid having to keep referring to a spreadsheet all the time or memorizing which ones are good for which raids, attacking gyms, or defending them.

For this I wish that Niantic would get over the charade about IV and moveset ratings being SECRET info that players need to run awkward screen-reading apps (or ban-risking plugin apps) to calculate. Just give the player options to include the IV, attack, and defend ratings in their pokemon-storage display, much like the forbidden runtime plugin apps offer.

I completely agree. Most with the reason that ‘favorite’ doenst cut it anymore and thus we need something else, like a second storage box.

And yes! Niantic should stop with the secret IV stuff. Just give us a real ingame feature to check them.

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