A suggestion about the Nearby system

The update of the Nearby system is great which can show pokemon near pokestop. However, I find the new system inconvenient and usually make me disappointed.

Sometimes I open the Nearby and find that I am surrounded by rattata, pidgey and other pokemons which I already caught more than one hundred. But there are some rare pokemons which are a little bit far away from me and I can’t see them. So I would miss them unless somebody told me by other SNS.

I find there is a scroll in the Nearby Raid. So I suggest a scroll in the Nearby Pokemon too. By this way, trainers can see all pokemon near themselves.

Also, I suggest dividing Nearby into Near pokestop and Sighting. Because pokemons near myself are covered by pokemon near pokestop which is distant. And if there are four or more pokemons near pokestop, I wouldn’t find pokemon near me. Although I like the new Nearby system, the old one is more like searching in the wild.

My gf has another suggestion. Once we caught a pokemon over one hundred times or more, a button would show in the pokedex, which can make this pokemon not show in Nearby system. By this way, trainers can find other pokemons easier rather than rattata and pidgey.

What do you think about these suggestions? And do you have other suggestions about the Nearby system?


Great suggestions. I would also add nearby sightings for gyms.


It had all the things I wanted!

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Yes. If Niantic chooses to add anything here, I really hope it’s the Nearby/Sightings tab option. It would be really useful to be able to see Pokemon that are actually nearby, not just Pokemon near Pokestops, which could be upwards of a 20 minute walk away, depending on location.

Honestly a scroll could benefit a lot of people, but it’s not something I personally would find useful, outside of maybe community day or travelling to a city.

A filter could be really useful, if you were able to filter out all the garbage.

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Like what?