A Solution to The Pokestop Submission

With millions of requests a day, there is an issue.

How will they get approved?

Possible Solutions:

  1. You have the option to approve stops no matter what level. When finished, you receive Stardust and Poke-coins.

  2. You have the option to approve stops if you are 13 +. Upon completing the approval, you receive IRL money. A way Niantic can have money to pay trainers is by having an ad pop up when the game launches. A good option, but not expected.

Would you approve stops for in game poke coins and Stardust?


It would be nice if we get coins and/or stardust, XP for our effort.

I would approve stops for free to be honest.

The “problem” here is that pokemon players will just accept any submission they see. It wont matter if its a cathedral or your litle sisters crayon art wich will wash away in the next rain.


XP wouldnt be good for TL 40s.

There will be a level cap increase.

That is a major issue…

To level 100???

So they should just stop giving you XP after level 40?

Maybe replace 1,000 xp with 5,000 dust.

Why not both XP and stardust?

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Why would a TL 40 want extra xp?

They could show off, but not helping them in the long run.

But you forget that trainers with lower levels will also be able to submit PokeStops.

For TL 40s.

The best reward are PokeCoins! 10 coins per submission, 1 per approval (because you can approve more than you can submit and it takes less time and effort). Limit would be 100 coins per day.


Im sorry but why are you guys discussing rewards for this? The stops and gyms ARE the rewards… Niantic couldnt care less if we get more of those. WE want them.


Why would you want to submit stops for players on the other side of the world instead of catching mons ? For a reward.

In short, to help them. As someone with no stops arround you should hope for that goodwill.

But its actually a nonissue. You need to make a picture at the scene to submit a stop. You cant just upload a picture from your phone. You phisically need to be there.
Then your submission goes to someone whos a bit further away. But its not the other end of the world.
More like 5 - 100 km.

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The portal submission, Portal Recon, will allow agents to give feedback on potential portals in their hometown (once set, this location CANNOT be changed). Additionally, you are also given a bonus location. Unlike your hometown location, this can be changed once a year.

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Idk for sure but the last 50 or so reviews i have done in OPR are a “rough estimate” 15% under 50 miles radius and the rest are all over the country(usa). Some in mexico and i don’t understand spanish(but use translate and maps to try to verify). This is a dear to my heart issue, i love OPR, Ingress and Pogo. I use s2 cells for submissions, study all map info they use and help update my area on open street maps. There is no easy solution but imo there’s not enough rewards outside the eventual creation of a local portal/pokestop to perpetuate the continuing honest reviews of portals. I fear the current backlog and future backlog pogo is gonna create.