A quick question about lucky Pokémon

If I already have 10 lucky pokemon and trade a 7/2016 mon to someone who doesn’t have 10 yet, is it still guaranteed to be lucky?


I’m not sure. My guess is yes, but you should check!

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It is guaranteed to get lucky. That is how i got my lucky Shiny ho oh!

Yeah. As long as one person has a Pokemon from within that 2016 time frame. It’s going to be lucky even if your over 10.

Do you get a higher chance if you both have 10 luckies, to get a lucky if you trade a Pokemon from August 2016?

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I believed it would still be so, I mean yes a higher chance than from those after 2016… The only thing lost their when both already have 10 or more luckies is the “guaranteed” chance, meaning it will not be 100% anymore but I believe it is much higher even to those players (without 10 luckies yet) but will trade newly catched or hatched pokemons.

the person with less than 10 luckies needs to have the 2016 mon, or else it won’t be guaranteed…ive confirmed this with more than 10 mons

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