A personal challenge for the new year

I am personally going to try to save up as much stardust as I can before 2019. Similarly I will be doing minimal evolutions and I will do them at the new year. I don’t expect to actually make it to the new year, but I want to see how far I can get.

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You might not want to do that, with Mewtwo and new legendaries, I say you’d want to power up your pokemon until you’re satisfied.

The difference is that with lack of people in my area I don’t really have legendaries to power up.

But, if I do get groudon I might power it up.

I wish you well on that journey Mapman.
It’s made me chuckle a bit as only recently I said to myself when I get to 1.2mil Dust I’ll spend the 200K on a 96% Chansey for my 3rd 3000CP Blissey Gym pest.
I got to 1.17 and blew the 17000K in the blink of an eye on boosting some Gyrados and a couple of other handy fighters I use in Raids :roll_eyes:

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Saving for that Chomp and evolutions am I right?