A new way to earn Pokécoins is coming to Pokémon GO

I am curious about your opinions. I myself think this actually is not a good change at all, because my Pokémon usually get kicked out when they are just in (why should people even have to kick Pokémon that have only been defending for an hour?) which will now grant me even less PokéCoins, and if they do not kick me out in an hour they usually let my Pokémon stay for a few days and then kick them all out, so that’s also only an improvement of just 5 Coins.

The tasks you have to do for 5 Coins seem to be quite a lot but I think it’s cool. Maybe I’ll do Raids more often now.

It sucks.

Now: 10 gyms x 50 min each one = 50 coins.
Then: 10 gyms x 50 min each one = 0 coins.

We have to stop it.

The part of changes for Gyms is not so important for me. Much more interesting is the list of new activities to gain Pokecoins. If they give only one coin, but repetitively, for all of them, then I would gain in a normal playing day more than with defending Gyms.

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I don’t understand all the complaining about this. The comments on the main post are also very negative.
All people see is the Gym nerf and forget that the nerf is being made up with easy to do tasks that give coins aswell. So just by playing the game you get coins, no need for gyms. And any tasks you can’t do will be made up by your gym defenders.

Edit: extra info is given out: the gym coining nerf is hard, unneeded and sucks. Above reply from me is outdated :slight_smile:

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I agree the Daily Tasks rewarding Coins is good, but I don’t really see a valid point in reducing the amount of Coins from six per hour to two per hour.

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There is no real reason idd, just incentive to play. It isn’t needed and maybe even a bit over the top, 3 or 4 per hour is also an option, but still this is all people see right now. Getting your 50 coins per day, (now even 55) will be easier then normally. It’s just something we need to get used to.
Again, the nerf is unneeded and very hard, but there is a very good alternative.

Also, right now this is just a test. The might buff gym coins back (a bit). So in that case maybe people need to QQ more :wink:

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Well, theres actually a bit of a good reason for it.

  1. You cant get your daily coins anymore from just 1 gym, since 24 hours * 2 coins per hour = 48 coins. So you are going to need 2 atleast. And you will need to hold those 2 still for longer than you needed to hold 1 with the current system. 55 coins / 2 gyms = 27.5 coins per gym / 2 coins per hour = 13.75 hours per gym. And since we actually need to round up your best case scenario is going to be 14 hours per gym.
  2. But as pointed out, you can also get coins from daily activities. Yes, but you get ONLY 5 coins, for completing ALL activities. That doesnt really seem worth the effort, but the daily tasks are pretty easy so w/e. But that still leaves you with 50 coins you need to get from gyms. Still 2 gyms, wich you still need to hold for 12,5 hours each. Again, half an hour doesnt count, but in this case we can get by with 1 gym of 13 hours and 1 gym of 12 hours… Still, a very long time.
  3. And my personal biggest point AGAINST this system: Theres gonna be more fighting again. With the current system, you could get all your coins in 8 hours 20 minutes. If you would cycle that perfectly, you can get ~48 coins per team per day with just 1 gym. There is NO way to do that anymore and i think it will lead to more problems between teams again. And i HATE that. Compare it to Ingress: They have a hardcore playerbase who are more annoying to eachother than some hardcore football fans (the european version, not the US handegg). I would hate to see this turn into issues again like it did sometimes with the old system.

So yeah, im against it aswell.

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The addition of coins for task completion is a great one. Especially for those with little or no Gyms close or don’t like the Gym side of the Game.

Nerffing the time to accrue coins is a poor option and I hope there’s massive hatred directed at Niantic for this.
This will no doubt bring back territory wars and toxicity back to the Gum side of the game more than the small amount there can be now.


I highly doubt Niantic would nerf gym coins this hard and just add a daily set of tasks that only give 5 coins once. This is the complete opposite of “staying inside and here’s another way to get coins” mentality they are trying to sell. Even more because one of the tasks is to win a raid, which in normal circumstances means you have to go outside, or spend more coins then you get in the first place. The info picture however does very strongly hint at it being a 1-time daily 5 extra coins.

And if this is really the case, then yes, this would suck hard, very hard. But i’m not buying this that Niantic would be this dumb. I can be wrong though, but i’m trying to stay positive. It could be a way to motivate people to buy more coins, but still, i don’t expect this.

I do everything on to do list everyday except for raid. I guess I can hit a 1 or 2 star raid to get extra 5 coins. But the 2 coins per hour doesn’t really bother me since I take down gyms all the time and try to maintain 20.

When I saw this for first time I understood that each of those tasks will give you 5coins… after reading your comments I realised that yo need to do all of them for just 5 coins extra…
If this is the case - and in the same time - you will need 3 times more gyms… well… that’s bad… :worried:


“Complete the featured activities each day” – seems to imply that the whole list needs to be done. BUT…
“These are some of the activities you might see” – if we have to complete the whole list, then those other activities aren’t included? If we might see them, then we might not - not the whole list.

My take on this is that each time we do one of those tasks we get 5 coins – but only once per-task each day. So with 10 tasks, we could earn 50 coins a day through tasks, and 55 coins a day through gyms.

Haha, this seems a discussion like these days in our television. The comentators try to investigate every phrase of the last government-decision, and when it seems they come to an agreement about what it says, the government changes it…
Well, seems we have to wait, as allways, that Niantic finishes the test, and after that, waiting that they really execute it, and after we will discuss it again?

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It’s also good marketing by Niantic, because it stimulates anticipation: The people who have wanted for a long time to have new ways to get coins are already eager to get this, and many of us who are confused by their announcement are eager to resolve the ambiguity, even if we weren’t already eager for the new feature, or we’re not sure yet whether it’s a good change.

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Maybe @NotanotherKangaskhan could tell us how it works, since Oz will get to try it first.

This is the worst. According to that kelven guy on twitter you only get 5 coins for completing all the activities but that doesn’t makes sense.

From business perspective it makes perfect sense. In last years players got addicted to free coins - not free coins will be greatly reduced. So the shop turnover will go up. Business is business.

They way they say it, it would mean this:
You get 5 coins after completing all the featured activities for that day. We just dont know how many will be featured on a day.

Getting coins from completing the daily tasks is good but keeping players more daily stuff to do every day.

On the gym side, if you want all the coins you can get on one day, you have to defend multiple (more than now) gyms to shorten the gym time to get all coins.

Exactly like what @NotanotherKangaskhan said

Btw, @Robdebobrob is humorous about football between European and American


new day new info.

At this moment this appears to be the cae:

  • nerf gym coins by 2/3
  • 5 extra coins per day for doing ALL tasks. The tasks from the newspost are examples and there should be more. The win a raid part is not guaranteed thus.

With this being the case: it sucks. As dicussed before, there is no need to nerf gym coining this hard even more with whole “staying inside” situation.
So to make it official: I was wrong, it does suck.

Luckily, this is just a test and if we make enough noise they might/should revert it