A Little Something To Celebrate Star Wars Day

Here’s a gym I found and a theme I created for it:

Sadly, the gym came under attack straight away. Some people are no fun! I thought they would appreciate the humor

EDIT image wasn’t showing up properly.


I tried to do 2 Shiny themed gyms today adding to what other people started and both got messed up by non shiny. Both got taken out anyway. I’m doing Force Awakens-Last Jedi double feature right now.

I saw buobasor shiny ivysaor shiny venasor shiny then bulbasor, ivysaor venasor not shiny

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May the 4th! I wish I had Lunatone.

Learn how to spell, it bulbasaur, ivysaur, venusaur

:-1: It’s not necesary to criticise this


Both are cool; I wish I had Solrock! :disappointed:

Lunatone made sense because the Pokédex entries for the Clefairy family have mention the moon.


Grammar police are annoying. Way more than people who misspell stuff.