A bug causing Players to lose access to their accounts

Hello there!

I haven’t seen it covered on the page, nor any thread about the bug on the forum, so I’ve decided to make one myself.
I’d like to inform you that there’s a bug that makes Players unable to sign into their accounts.

It’s being discussed on The SilphRoad reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/ah9x17/niantic_is_losing_high_level_accounts_and_cant/ (not sure if it’s okay to share it here, as it is sort of a competition after all).

How does it occur: no one really knows and Niantic is helpful as always (meaning: not).
How does it work: a Player, when trying to log into the game, gets an error message: Failed to get game data from the server. (There seems to be no walkaround.) Also, if the Player had some Pokemon defending gyms -other Players cannot access those gyms - they get Network Error 2 message and have to restart the app.

What Niantic says:

Thanks for your patience, we’ve identified your account as one of a small subset of players who have been experiencing this issue.

We know how disruptive this is to your Pokémon GO experience and we’re working to resolve this as quickly as we can.

As more information becomes available, we’ll reach out to update you directly.

What Niantic does: Niantic is closing the old (yet, still unresolved) support calls.

My goal here is to make this widely known, to put some pressure on Niantic. My account is “one of a small subset of players who have been experiencing this issue” and I’d really like to be able to play again…

I hope it won’t happen to you.



Didn’t happen to me, now where are the shinies @?


I been getting disconnected today, but it is cause of my adblock. Also my timezone is glitched again i am stuck in the past. Niantic believes i changed timezone which i have shown not to. idk whats going on lately.

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I don’t have that problem but my game keeps telling me Pokemon go has stopped working even when I don’t have it open I have reinstalled it four times and it still keep saying this


That´s the Sync background that stops working. Don´t worry about it. If the report button shows up, just press it. The background will start again, after 30 seconds.

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That’s scary. I’d be done if my account were deleted like that and they didn’t get it back up and running.

Thanks I did not know that

So many hours down the drain. I would be done too. I’m Playing 7 months now, about 1 hour a day, sometimes 4-6 hours. But then I go look for intel and info online that counts up as well. :scream::scream::scream:


I’ve been playing since day 1. Completed the Kanto dex, built up a nice Meltan (96%!), have done all the quests, have a slew of 100% IVs, a solid collection of shinies, have Mewtwos and Deoxys from EX raids, have everything from the CDs …

… yeah, there is no way that I’d start over. lol


there was also a bug today when raiding. 5 of us lost our raid passes today. Thanks Niantic. Both iOS & android devices froze and we couldn’t restart the game for like 15 minutes. and the raid was gone by then

My husband had a close scare with this, but it turned out it was his VPN security that was causing it. Once he turned it off, it was working again.

It was Team Rocket I mean us lol


I steal all your Pokémon’s.

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