(9×10km) egg hatches

You may post your 10km egg hatches chain in this topic. You may showcase the egg hatches with 9 Pokemon each time. Let’s see whose egg hatches are the best of all. I am here to start off the series.

Sorry that I’m not able to capture the moment when Pokemon break out from the 10km eggs.

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A very nice work, but in the last times I have seen the 10km eggs only twice. So, until I could make a list of 9… I can’t even imagine how many water will go down the river

i’ll be honest, those are some crap hatches…

I wish i had the patience to get 9. Even with the current event where getting 10’s is so super easy i still can’t bring up the patience. I have 7, 6 of which are already incubating. I want to refresh them before the event ends, and if time allows it, refresh them even once more.

still gratz on those hatches and cheers for getting 9!

Last time i hatched 9 was on community day. 2 Dratini, 2 Porygon, 2 Larvitar, 1 mareep, 1 sudowoodo and 1 slakoth

I was trying to hold out for nine also, but I want to get through as many event eggs as possible, so I settled for a batch of seven. Don’t forget the star piece when they’re ready to hatch…best way to stock up on dust

Even after the event ends and you still have the 10 KM Windy eggs, you’ll still get the wind types boosted because you already have them saved. I hatched a Pichu with the Ash Ketchum hat after the event is done.

Another consecutive 10km egg hatches.

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all of those are good except for skarmory!

All different…that doesn’t happen often

How can you say those are crap hatches (r00d btw) You dont even know the IVs bruh. The only bad mon I saw was Sudowoodo and tbh he is underrated and quite stronk (but he is kinda crappy comparatively speaking)

And chansey

8 the other day and 1 hatched yesterday

chansey yesterday. 38 candy