8-Bit Sprites in Pokemon GO

Hey guys, I want to know when the 8-Bit sprites in Pokemon Go will be removed. Do you have any idea when?
I still respect other people who like the 8-Bit sprites. I respect their opinions, no hate. :wink:

Yeah, April fools is over, I’d like to opt out please. :wink:

I heard rumor that they’ll be reverted next friday around 9 PM UTC. But, do take rumors with a grain of salt. I hope it’s correct, or that they get reverted before that time though.

Yeah, I want to see my Latios in my Pokedex without the 8-bit Sprites.

Update: APRIL FOOLS! Although the 8-bit graphics are just a little prank, we’ll be keeping them live until April 7. Enjoy!

Just a few more days :wink:

Oh ok. Thanks!!