5 Ways To Improve Gym Battling And Raiding For All

  1. In addition to regular raids, create NPC gym raid battles. With NPC battles, you would throw in a raid pass, battle against 6 powered up pokémon that share the same typing as a current tier 3 to 5 raid boss and if you win you get raid rewards and the opportunity to catch at least one of them of your choosing. These raids would benefit trainers who love to battle fully motivated gyms and those solo trainers (lobby can hold up to 5) missing hot tier 4 and 5 raids because they don’t have the ability to raid with larger/stronger groups because they don’t have the luxury of playing with them since they’re the only one(s) left playing Pokémon Go in their area or can’t get their mom to hunt down raids with the group they want to tag along with.

  2. New rule. If a pokémon has been in a gym for more than a week it will automatically be sent back to the trainer with coins from any day they didn’t collect.

Why? this is to prevent trainers from hogging gyms for themselves and to ensure other trainers who have successfully defended the gym to get their rewards.

  1. BECOME A GYM LEADER. Earn a stamp each day by battling 10x a day for a week and you’ll get the opportunity to become a gym leader from one of your gold gyms each week. This victory will allow you to run one gym for 3 days, place 6 unique pokémon of your own that will remain fully motivated for other trainers of all three teams to battle, earn XP, stardust and even up to 25 coins for battling. The gym will be purple, nicknamed by you for 3 those 3 days and automatically receive pokécoins each day.

  2. Allow for the the 1st trainer who gains gym control to stay in one gym for the maximum time (about 8.20hrs) needed to collect their 50 coins. Rule becomes null and void to anyone who drops after the trainer who placed a pokémon in 1st. That means if someone has been in from 8am to 5:25pm, or even a week for example, anyone else who drops a pokémon after them will not be subjected to the rule stated earlier leaving the opposing team the ability to seize the gym. Unless of course the defenders get berry fed.

Why? Because there are trainers out there who shave their team member’s out of a gym for their own personal gain and there are others who hog gyms all for themselves and prevent others from reaping the benefits of earning coins. No one owns a gym. No one.

  1. A gym can only be fought by an opposing team within 8.20hrs of it being seized by the 1st trainer. In addition to this, the motivation system will be inactive during that time period. Afterwards the motivation system will be active once more and the gym will be able to be seized.

It sounds somewhat difficult, but comparing to what we have now, it might not be a bad call really. I miss battling gyms of 10 powerful mons, it made me feel alive back then. I think even combination of previous and current system wouldnt be bad. I dont like Niantic constantly benefiting weaker/low level players, Im not saying they shouldnt, Im saying we need separate treatment, different difficulties. For example L3 raids atm is very disappointing to those that eager for a solo challenge, so why not leave one harder to defeat boss along with easier bosses…(I know raids here are off topic, but still related to gyms and battling).


Some interesting ideas there.

  1. I might need to think about that one more to consider if I like it or not.

  2. A week is too short. It takes 21 days with no further batles, raids or berrying a Gym to get the Gym Gold. I’d have no issue making it 21 day then it comes back.

  3. I idea has some merit in concept but needs a lot of rules around it and 3 days is too long, 2 maybe.

4 & 5. I like the idea of locking the Gym out for a period of time against retaliation battle after the first person drops one in.
8 hours is way to long as the gym battle side of the game would be too frustrating driving around for hours to find a Gym that was unlocked. Imagine trying 10 Gyms only to find they were on hour of lock down still. 1 hour would be acceptable and would stop some of the stalking Gym hoarders from following others around taking Gyms immediately after they’ve been battled out. That same time could be used for dropping another one in of same colour if it had the full 6 and one was knocked out.
It would make it much more of a time waster for shavers. They would have to waste an hour to replace a same colour and would also waste and hour if they knocked the whole Gym down and changed the colour. The time before they could change it back would still be the same.
the lock out time should be no more than 2hrs preferably 1. I’d also add that once a Raid egg appears the Gym is locked from being battled.
A big problem we are seeing on Discord now is people put out notice that a T5 Raid Egg has appeared and some decide to take knock the Gym down before the Raid starts where they would not have gone anywhere near that Gym normally if they hadn’t been told a T5 Egg was on it.
I know some are not bothering to let people know there will be a Raid on Gyms they are in or send out a notice with only 2-3min notice to hatch or when it’s already hatched. This makes it harder to get groups organised in time.

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@Kingstony my only real hope is to make battling gym defenders have difficulty levels. I don’t care if it’s a shuppet. I want a challenge. Berry feeding does not provide that. It’s just annoying.

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TRADING CONFIRMED!!! This post is obsolete!!!

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Interesting suggestions, apparently aimed at resolving or preventing specific manners of dysfunction within the trainer community around you.

I’m having trouble following #5, though:
A gym can only be fought by an opposing team within 8.20hrs of it being seized by the 1st trainer. In addition to this, the motivation system will be inactive during that time period. Afterwards the motivation system will be active once more and the gym will be able to be seized.

Are you saying that a team capturing a gym could only be fought for the first 8.20 hours; and if they hold on to the gym for 8.20 hours, then nobody could challenge them after that while everybody just watches their motivation levels s-l-o-w-l-y ebb away to zero?!?

I must have badly misunderstood what you said, because that sounds bizarre to me.

i like gym leader idea, just needs tweaking.

Less days more items.

I think they meant the other way around. 8h20 of time where the gym cannot be attacked and then after that you can.

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