2020 Your Pokémon Playing year in review

Now that 2020 has ended I think it would be good to write down what your Pokémon Go game playing year was like in review.
It can be good, bad or indifferent.
What did you like and what didn’t you.

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2020 was strangely one of my most successful years in Pokemon GO. I amassed 115 new hundos just in this year, reached over 100 million XP and then some, aside from one entry, I have a perfect Pokedex, I really couldn’t ask for me from my own personal experience.


I got the least xp in a year since getting to level 40. Instead of 20m a year, I only got 10m this year.

But, overall, it has not been that bad of a year for Pokemon go.

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I’ve lost a lot of walking-ability this year, so I’ve played nearly only from home. On the lucky side other players have installed two Pokestops in reach, and another one has changed to Gym. So I was able to fullfill all the things of the game.
There are lot of good new things in the game, others are for me more boring. I will never like the TeamRocket part and I ignore the Combating part. For some strange reason my account is unable to get shinies, and I can’t run to places, where others have detect a hundo… but still, I enjoy the game.


My interest in this game has been steadily decreasing thorought this entire year besides the Go Fest (which was relatively well done I must say) and it had tanked when they’ve started paywalling new Mon releases and events, now I just open it from time to time to beat up a Rocket Grunt as I creep closer and closer to Level 45, I really hope they stop doubling down on money this year as they simply don’t need to do that - they make a ton of money regardless


Hasn’t even been a year. I started july 15 2020 and I’m already on level 42, halfway through. I’d say its been bad ass


still active in January, but my interest has declined. Did play gofest, but i missed a few CD’s, and my level 41 requirements tells me ive done 4 raids since the level cap got increased. And raiding (legendarys) used to be my biggest activity in the game.
Perhaps when all the Covid restrictions are gone ill play a bit more again. I dont really like the remote raiding.


Dude get a life :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I need to get myself a life too.

Nah just kidding. But that amount of exp in that short a time is amazing

…it was going okay till March!

Nerfing the catch rates and shiny rate in November was bad enough, but then I lost most of my house spawns in December too :cry:

I largely ignored the mega-evolutions fiasco and I think they managed to make the Community Days more of a chore than a pleasure.

Hoping for better things in 2021 :crossed_fingers:


2020 started just like any other Pokémon playing year then things got turned a little upside down.
The last EX Raid (anyone still remember them?) was March 16 due to a world pandemic by name of COVID-19. I got my first and only Ex Pass for Regiggles for that last one.
Social gathering became the thing not to do so a lot of the social aspects of game play had to change.
The cycle of new Gen starter Shiny’s between the release of something else stopped and was replaced by rehashing old CD Pokémon with the odd new meh Pokémon thrown in.
This made them loose their lustre for me resulting in mixed commitment and participation in them.
Then came the big money earners for Niantic.
Pay for pre-release and Remote Raiding putting the game more and more behind a Paywall has watered down my like of the game a bit.

Personal Highlights
Getting over 200K catches
Completing a heap of Grind Gold medals
Golding 185 Gyms for the year
Finally getting access to Trading
Nominating and creating many more Gyms and Pokestops in the game.


It was a crazy year for sure.
The good things that happened in the game:

  • various game improvements, QOL updates
  • stay at home bonuses
  • remote raid passes
  • distance trading (although we still need international trading)
  • GO Fest for everyone
  • CDs lasting longer
  • Jessie and James
  • Team GO Rocket balloons
  • Galarian Pokemon
  • Gen 6 Pokemon
  • new levels from 41 to 50
  • bonus storage for eggs
  • new medals
  • Pokemon Home support and Meltan spawns for everyone
  • shiny Celebi

Things that can be improved:

  • Mega Pokemon
  • some improvements that should have happened long time ago but are still missing (e.g. I’m ready button for raids)

Things that were not so good / were bad:

  • paid events (too many, too expensive, can’t be bought with coins)
  • Niantic not giving us enough free remote raid passes during pandemic
  • coin system wasn’t improved

My personal achievements:

  • finally became Pokemon master on the forum
  • got gold badges Devotee and Admired on the forum
  • caught 22 hundos and my first legendary hundo in the game
  • did many legendary raids thanks to the remote raid passes
  • caught numerous shinies
  • first time participated in GO Fest
  • created lots of new Poke stops and Gyms
  • revived Pokemon GO in my town (new players appeared, some old players returned, made a Discord group)
  • almost hit level 41 (isolation slowed me down)

I like now have something to work towards again. I need some XP just to get to level 47, but after that won’t be leveling up anytime soon.
I like having the option to do remote raids. Just wish they would include a bundle of them in the ultra or adventure boxes.
I like all the different quests we got. Just not the ones that you have to pay money for.
I hope they introduce international trading with Lucky Friends. I think in order to do that, we would need a message feature for those that aren’t on Discord.