2 pokemon in 2 gyms

If I have 2 pokemons in 2 gyms in the same time I will get coins from both of the gyms

If they return on the same day, and the first one gives less then 50 coins, then yes, the second will bring the rest (1 coin for every 10 minutes in the gym).
If the first one brings home 50 coins, the second one will not bring coins if it returns on the same day.
If the the first one brings home coins, and the second returns on any other day, it will bring coins again.

You only get coins if your pokemon is removed from a gym (by being defeated) by a member of a different team.


thanks a lot :slight_smile:

To make it simple, a Mon gets a coin for every 10 minutes it is in a gym, gives you coins when he returns, and the max ammount of coins for 1 day is 50


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