2 moves glitch

I tried using my frenzyPlant sludgeBomb Venusaur today in a gym battle, and when I used frenzy plant sludge bomb was removed. then next I used a blaziken with focus blast and brave bird and I used brave bird then it was removed and I had only focus blast
has anybody else had this problem?

I would stay away from this “move changer” until they fix it. I personally won’t be spending my stardust and candies to change the moves on any of my Pokémon.

Simply because it’s a new feature + it’s too damn expensive :confused:


Whatever move you pick to use in a gym when you’re fighting or a raid is the one you keep the rest of that match

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I’ve only given the extra move to 2 Gyradoses and haven’t used them in battle yet.

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The first charge move you used in a gym battle is the one you have to use the rest of that battle

Outrage it shalll be from now on!

Good choice my man