15.15.9 ralts is it worth the power up?

I HAVE BEEN EVERY WHERE! and a 15.15.9 ralts cp 325 is the best I could find so far I 200 ralts candies. I want to evolve it but I don’t really know how that 9 in hp will effect her strength in battle. Plz drop some knowledge on me.

First, after evolving, you have enough candies to evolve other Ralts which is better.
And 15/15/9 really really isn’t bad. A 100% IV allways will be better, but if you want to wait until find him… maybe the game doesn’t exist any more when he appears…

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IMHO Attack is the most important stat and matters the most.
You have plenty of Candy and with that amount can easily get more so I would evolve it.

how the H*CC did you get 200+ Ralts candy?!?!?!?!?!??!?

Cloudy weather, they’re pretty common then

I would evolve it, it’s 87%, but the 15 in attack, if it was 9/15/15 I wouldn’t.

To you…

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