100% IV or shiny?

If wild caught, which would you prefer?

  • 100% IV
  • Shiny

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Depends on if the Pokémon was in a cd or not, if it was, 100 IV but if not shiny.

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I’m more a collector than a battler. That’s why I rather have a shiny than a 100% IV.


I collect 100ivs

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100 iv cuz im lvl 32 going on 33 with still no hundo, a couple 98%, couple 96%, quite a few 93%, and i have a pokestop close to my house, up to three pokemon can spawn in my back yard, and two gyms beside my school, and i think im about to become a rural cuz im moving soon.


Depends, I couldnt care less about 100IV Caterpie